“I loved having Mr. Keys as my teacher!! He always knew how to get us engaged. He was constantly coming up with new games that revolved around the music so we could learn and have fun. One of my favorites was when he would make funny noises to help us remember different notes. It made learning fun, easy and memorable. He has this way of getting kids to reach their full potential. I am very fortunate to say that I had Mr. Keys as my teacher.”

Kenzie Raymond

Student For 3 Years

As parents of a new band student with Mr. Keys, we could clearly see two things: (1) our daughter was excited to practice and learn to play her instrument and (2) when we attended her concerts, it was obvious that Mr. Keys loved what he did and was passionate about music and helping his students!

Dave and Michelle Edwards

Student Parent

Mr. Keys is the most talented musician and teacher I have ever met. His love of music and teaching is evident in everything he does. His passion for excellence is passed on to his students through fun and engaging lessons all while encouraging the necessary discipline to hone their craft. He is the perfect balance of fun and discipline needed to grow as a musician. He brings out the best in each student

Erika Raymond

Student Parent