Tips For Success

Tips For Getting The Most Out of Sharps and Flats

  • Have good lighting, a music stand, a chair, and be free from distraction.
  • Headphones may be best for video lessons.
  • For Video Lessons make sure to warm up and tune instrument before starting.
  • Make sure to go through the following “Fun-damentals Pack” videos first, in this order. This is necessary for understanding the teaching and learning concepts in Sharps & Flats.
    • Count The Foods
    • Say What You Play
    • Rhythm On One Tone
    • The Write Counts
    • ONAAT (intermediate only)
    • Fast Pairs (intermediate only)
  • Make sure to purchase book quickly. Once you complete the Free Lesson Pack and the “Fun-damentals Pack” videos, you will need your band book(s). Get your book(s) here: “Book Purchase”.
  • Watch “How To Use Sharps and Flats” video under Resources.