Book Purchase


  • Click on the appropriate following link to purchase the book(s) you want to learn.
  • Make sure to select your specific instrument when purchasing (flute, trombone, tenor saxophone, etc).
  • Snare drummers select “Alfred’s Drum Method”
  • New beginners should definitely select Book 1. Advanced players should select Book 2. If you are unsure, buy both! Or contact Kingsley for help. I would love to help you decide!
  • All Sharps & Flats members (brass, woodwinds, mallet players – NOT snare drummers) have access to the Jazz Pack. The Jazz Combo Session book below is really fun and we have a great time learning jazz style and easy improvisation!
  • *For any questions contact Kingsley!

Standard of Excellence Book 1

Standard of Excellence Book 2

Alfred’s Drum Method

Jazz Combo Session