About Sharps and Flats with Kingsley.

I’m Kingsley. I’m a band director with over 22 years of teaching experience. Nothing excites me more than connecting with students of all skill levels and helping them see how valuable they really are. Because of my passion for teaching and making great music together, Sharps & Flats was born! I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to inspire students in a unique and fun way.

When I was growing up, I had two band directors who used their love of music as a way to make me feel special and impact my life in a significant way. Because of their influence, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I went on to receive my teaching degree from Illinois State University and obtained my Masters of Music Education from the University of West Georgia.


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Year Of Experience

For the last 20 years, I have organized and directed various band programs for grades 4-12 and have helped a large number of students prepare for state concerts and jazz honor bands.

It has been such an honor to pour into the lives of hundreds of students and instill a love for music in them. When I’m not teaching or playing music, I love to spend time with my beautiful wife and five children.

My Mission

Mission: To inspire 3rd – 12th grade band students and instrumentalists of any age with exciting play-along video lessons that cause them to read, play, and understand music in a new way.

Why: Nothing excites me more than connecting with students and building belief inside them that they are worth so much and can do this! – not just through decades of teaching strategies I’ve developed – but by telling students who they are, how much value they have as individuals and giving them a vision and belief about themselves that is emotionally exciting and drives them to become what they already are!

The detailed stone Mount Rushmore presidential heads existed long before the sculptor started to chip away. The sculptor simply chiseled all the stuff in the way of seeing them! All of you are beautiful people with lots of ability, and I am here with a chisel to help you find all that musical beauty that gives you immediate joy when playing.

Vision: Infuse instrumentalists around the globe with value, beliefs, and skills to play music.

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    Sharps and Flats is a place where you relax, have fun playing, and feel great learning how to play on your own time and schedule.
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    From the moment you come online, you are greeted by an engaging personal video and a simple, warm website conveying how much value you will get.
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    I cater to middle and high school students as well as individuals of all ages that are here to have fun learning and playing along with me. The website is packed full of lessons that are paced just right for you to play along and learn a whole new way of remembering notes and rhythms.
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    The video lesson sessions and Fun-damentals Pack encourage you to play along, tap your foot and enjoy learning how to play in a whole new way.
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    When you are done with each lesson, you will feel productive and leave satisfied that you have a new skill you’ll never forget. You leave with increased skills and an ‘I can’t wait to go play more’ feeling, paving the way for more success tomorrow.